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PTSA Board

Bullard PTSA Board of Directors



Executive Officers

Sarah Grace Hajjar  

and Olivia Trussell

Co-Presidents: bullardptsapresident@gmail.com
Marge McKenney 1st Vice President bullardptsavicepresident@gmail.com
April Brantley 2nd Vice President: bullardptsavp2@gmail.com
Amy Cullen Communications Secretary: bullardptsa1@gmail.com
Megan Bell Recording Secretary: bullardsecretary1@gmail.com
Jacqui Daniels Treasurer: bullardptsatreasurer@gmail.com
Meredith McKee Parliamentarian: scott.meredith1@gmail.com


Board Members

April Brantley Arts in Education aprilb75@bellsouth.net
Amy Cullen Communications bullardptsa1@gmail.com
Tammy Page Hospitality tammypage@rocketmail.com
Diana Haigh Community Outreach dhaigh@bellsouth.net 
Joelle Hodges Educational Enrichment joelle.hodges@gmail.com
Jenna Abel Room Reps/Volunteers bullardvolunteers@gmail.com
Sarah Federico Membership smbird17@yahoo.com
Marguerite Craig Parent & Family Involvement marge_mckenney@yahoo.com
Jamie Spratlen WatchDOGS          jamie@spratlen.net
Amber Snow Yearbook bullardyearbook@gmail.com


The duties of the Executive Committee are to:

  • approve chairpersons and members of the standing committees,
  • approve the plans of work of the standing committees,
  • schedule board and association meetings,
  • approve routine bills within the limits of the budget,
  • conduct the business of the PTA between board meetings,
  • develop goals for the association for presentation to the board of directors and general membership for approval, and
  • make a report of the Executive Committee action items at each board meeting.

Board of Directors consists of the:

  • officers of the association (elected),
  • chairpersons of standing committees (appointed), and
  • principal of the school or a representative appointed by the principal to represent him or her.

The duties of the Board of Directors are to:

  • transact necessary business in the intervals between association meetings and such other business as may be referred to it by the association,
  • create or dissolve standing or special committees,
  • present a report at the regular meetings of the association,
  • select an auditor or an auditing committee to audit the treasurer’s accounts,
  • prepare and submit a budget for the fiscal year to the association for adoption,
  • approve routine bills within the limits of the budget,
  • fill all vacancies in office, and
  • conduct hearings for removal from office.

The Board of Directors does not have the authority to make or authorize expenditures that are not in the budget. All money spent must be voted on by the membership.